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La Fuerza Gigante

Profile for La Fuerza Gigante a local salsa band from the San Francisco Bay Area

La Fuerza Gigante


Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Orginary People (2011)
  • Regresando a la Salsa (2013)


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La Fuerza Gigante (LFG) was a Latin music orchestra based in the San Francisco Bay Area, that entertained audiences for over 10 years. The name of the band means “The Giant Force”, and LFG, led by band leader Jose Guaman, was known for their powerful and high energy Latin sound. La Guerza Gigante performed at salsa events and other special events throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

In 2011, the Jose Guaman y su Orquesta La Fuerza Gigante released their first album, a single by the name of “Ordinary People”. Arranged by Pablo “Chino” Nunez with Frankie Vasquez on vocals, the single was a stepping stone for the release of their first full album, “Regresando a la Salsa” released in 2013. The CD was a throwback to “Salsa Dura” or the “hard salsa” sound of the 1970s.

Unfortunately, Jose Guaman, the band leader of La Fuerza Gigante passed away in December of 2012, and the band has not been active in playing live music since.


La Fuerza Gigante Video 1
La Fuerza Gigante Video 2
La Fuerza Gigante Video 3


Pablo "Chino"Nuñez, Willie Ruiz, Frankie Vásquez, Máximo Rodríguez, Victor "Café" August, Fernándo Wilkins Jr, Carlos Rosario, Juan Luis Pérez, Agustín "Indio" Martínez, Doug Beavers, Julius Meléndez, Christian Tumalan
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