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A Caricature A Day – Day 3

Posted December 8, 2011 by

Day 3 of our caricature a day feature, leading up to our big announcement next Monday. Which caricatures have are your favorites so far?

1) Ricki Anaya

Ricki Anaya salsa

Ricki Anaya is an experienced salsa teacher, who teaches salsa lessons all over the South Bay. Read more about her on her bio.

2) Edwin Banegas

Edwin Banegas salsa

Edwin Banegas is a dynamic dance instructor from the San Francisco Bay Area. He teaches Salsa On1, Salsa On2, cha-cha-cha, and bachata Read more on Edwin’s bio.

3) Jeremy Pilling

Jeremy Pilling salsa

Jeremy is a dance instructor from Santa Cruz who teaches over at the Palomar Ballroom. Read more on his bio.

4) Tomaj Trenda

Tomaj Trenda salsa

Moving northwards, Tomaj is a salsa instructor who teaches salsa lessons all across the East Bay. Read more on Tomaj’s bio.

5) Giju John

Giju John salsa

Singer, songwriter, and dancer, Giju is one of the most talented salseros around, and is the director of the (currently inactive) Beyond Dreamz dance team. Find out more on Giju John’s bio.

Those are all the caricatures for today! Check back here on or our Facebook page tomorrow for more caricatures.

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