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Tomaj Trenda

Tomaj Trenda

Salsa Instructor Profile

Company: Salsa With Tomaj
Location: East Bay

Contact Info

Facebook PageInstructor Facebook Page
Phone: (415) 505-3536


Tomaj Trenda is an experienced teacher with a Master’s Degree in Dance Education. He has served as a dance faculty member at several renowned institutions including the University of Washington and the National Ballet of Mexico.

Tomaj enjoys sharing his love for dance,  and can be found teaching club-style salsa in classes all around the Bay Area. His unique teaching style focusses on longterm learning and retention.


Tomaj Trenda Video 1
Tomaj Trenda Video 2
Tomaj Trenda Video 3
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Sep 12, 2012 at 7:49 am

I’ve been taking classes with Tomaj for 6 years, and I find him to be an excellent teacher, dancer and community builder. He is very dedicated to his students, and really works hard to help them learn and retain what they learn. I’ve taken classes from many other teahcers in the Bay Area, but I find Tomaj to be the BEST! Check out his classes all throughout the Bay Area, and his great parties on the 3rd Saturday of every month with live music, lessons, food and drinks at the Allegro Ballroom in Emeryville on Saturdays…they are huge!



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