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SF Salsa Festival 2014

Michelle Castro

Michelle Castro

Salsa Instructor Profile

Location: Dubai

Contact Info

Facebook PageInstructor Facebook Page
Phone: (408) 265-3774


2005 ESPN Salsa World Championships
International Champion in Salsa Dance
National Champion in Salsa Dance (multiple competitions)
SF Bay Area Salsa Champion
Co-Founder SF International Salsa Congress


Michelle Castro is a celebrated salsa dancer and performer. Together with then partner Ricardo Sanchez she made a name for herself as a talented choreographer, and her unique jazz-influenced style created a whole new brand when she won the 2005 World Championship with her team Pretty Boys & Girls.

Michelle is also the co-founder of the San Francisco International Salsa Congress and since moving to Dubai has become an important figure in the salsa scene there. She is a sought after instructor who’s ladies styling workshops are popular with women around the world.


Michelle Castro Video 1
Michelle Castro Video 2
Michelle Castro Video 3
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