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Salsa Events Going On Today:

(Salsa dancing events for Tuesday, September 30, 2014)

Afrocuban Rumba Salsa Classes

Event Type:  Afro Cuban Lessons
Cost:  $13
Location:  Berkeley
Description:  Afro-Cuban Rumba lessons taught by veteran dance instructor Erick Barberia at The Beat in Berkeley, every Tuesday night and Saturday morning. The class explores the the roots of Afro-Cuban dance from Cuban Son, Rumba, and it's heavy African influences all the way to present day Timba, pushing you to improve your body movement and expression.
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Salsa With Juan

Event Type:  Beginner Lesson, Intermediate Lesson
Cost:  $15
Location:  Oakland
Description:  Beginning and intermediate level salsa lessons taught by Juan Gil & Ruth Caspary in Oakland every Tuesday night.
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Salsa With Tomaj

Event Type:  Beginning and Intermediate/Advanced Salsa Lessons.
Cost:  $15 drop-in
Location:  Hayward
Description:  Tuesday night salsa classes in Hayward taught by Tomaj Trenda.
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Hot Zouk Tuesdays, San Francisco

Event Type:  Kizomba Dancing Lesson, Kizomba Social
Cost:  $12 - 1 class + social, $17 - 2 classes + social, $6 - social only
Location:  San Francisco
Description:  Zouk Lambada lessons taught every Tuesday night at City Dance Studios in San Francisco. Two levels of zoul lessons from 8:15pm-10:15pm by Nicolas & Susan, followed by dancing until midnight.
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ODC Salsa

Event Type:  Salsa Dance Lessons
Cost:  $14 for one class ($1 cash discount)
Location:  San Francisco
Description:  New York style mambo classes by Gabriel Romero, taught at the esteemed Oberlin Dance Collective School of Rhythm and Motion in San Francisco.
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Salsa Lessons at Elite Ballroom

Event Type:  Salsa Dancing Lesson
Cost:  $12 general, $10 for students
Location:  San Jose
Description:  Beginner salsa dance lessons held at the Elite Ballroom in downtown San Jose. Lessons taught by World Latin Dance Cup champions Helen Vazquez & JC Camarena. All ages welcome and discounts for students. No partner needed.
(More information)

Pick School Salsa Lessons

Event Type:  Beginner & Intermediate Salsa Lessons
Cost:  $16 drop-in
Location:  San Francisco
Description:  Salsa dancing lessons at the Pick School of Ballroom Dancing in San Francisco. Cost is $16 for drop-ins, with discounts available if you purchase multiple weeks at once. First class is free, see the Pick School website for more details.
(More information)

Lunchtime Salsa at Studio 1924

Event Type:  Salsa Lesson, Lunch
Cost:  $12 w/o lunch, $18 w/lunch
Location:  Oakland
Description:  A 45-minute salsa lesson during lunchtime at Studio 1924 in Oakland. Taught by experienced salsa dancer Garry Johnson. The class is aimed at beginner dancers, but can be tailored to the people who shows up. No partner necessary.
(More information)

Albertos Salsa

Event Type:  Beginner Lesson, Intermediate Lesson, Dance Party
Cost:  $10 ($7 student, $15 band nights)
Location:  Mountain View
Description:  A cool bar & lounge located in Mountain View with a great instructor and chill atmosphere. Plenty of seating, a full bar, and live bands of Friday nights. Music is a mix of salsa and bachata, with a sprinkling of cha cha and merrengue.
(More information)

On2 Salsa Class

Event Type:  Salsa Dancing Lesson
Cost:  $16
Location:  Mountain View
Description:  On 2 salsa classes taught by Hector Reyes every Tuesday night in Mountain View. Classes cover musicality, footwork, and social partnering On2. No dance partner or previous experience required.
(More information)

Beginners Salsa On2 Lessons

Event Type:  Beginning & Intermediate Salsa Lessons On 2
Cost:  $14 one class or $20 for both classes
Location:  San Francisco
Description:  Beginner and intermediate salsa lessons On2 taught every Tuesday night by Ava Apple & Rodolfo Guzman, at the Symbolic Dance & Fitness Studio in San Francisco. Beginner lessons at 8pm, intermediate at 9pm.
(More information)

Beginners Salsa Bootcamp

Event Type:  Salsa Dancing Lesson
Cost:  $15 drop-in or $48 for the month
Location:  San Jose
Description:  Salsa Bootcamp! Beginners and Beyond with Ky Van and Big Bad Mike. Do you have 2 left feet? Are you a total beginner? Do you need to refresh and practice your cool moves? Then this class is perfect for you! Every class starts with a warm up and basic footwork and turns. Call Ky-Van (pronounced key-van). Drop in cost are $15 per class or $48 per month.
(More information)

Salsa & Bachata Lessons Monterey

Event Type:  Salsa Dancing Lesson
Cost:  $5 per lesson
Location:  Monterey
Description:  Beginner salsa and bachata lessons taught every Tuesday night at the Monterey Dance studio by DJ Willi. Classes are beginner friendly, and no partner is necessary. Classes are $5 per lesson.
(More information)

Salsa Dance Class in Concord

Event Type:  Salsa Dancing Lesson
Cost:  $10 per class
Location:  Concord
Description:  Enrollment required: Guarantee Fun or Money Back. Each class starts with a review of the basics and moves on to a new intermediate level dance pattern. Come and learn intermediate salsa dance patterns like the Frisbee free turn, the butterfly, hammerlock, cradle, double turns, salsa shines (where you dance apart from your partner) and more. As a bonus learn sexy Cuban hip motion, not usually taught in group classes! Review salsa steps with a salsa app for iPhone and Android created by the instructor.
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For even more salsa events, check out our Salsa Calendar.

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For a full list of salsa lessons and salsa dancing events in the Bay Area, check out our Salsa Events Calendar. Salsa Caricature

Latest News:

Cafe Cocomo Closing For Good After This Weekend

Posted September 10, 2014 by

Cafe Cocomo Closing Down

We have heard from numerous sources that Cafe Cocomo will be closing down for good after this weekend.

We first reported that Cocomo would be closing back in June, as the location was sold to developers for the construction of new condos. However, the closing date was pushed back multiple times due to permits and other issues, and last we heard that Cocomo might even be open until November.

However, it now appears that this week will officially be the last week for Cocomo, and the building is scheduled to be torn down, bringing an end to one of the most iconic salsa dancing venues in the Bay Area.
Continue reading post…

Baila Conmigo Competing Tonight On America’s Got Talent

Posted September 2, 2014 by Takeshi

Baila Conmigo AGT

The salsa dance team Baila Conmigo will be competing tonight in the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent on NBC at 9pm PST.

Baila Conmigo is a Colombian-style salsa team based out of New Jersey, and they have already made it through 3 rounds of the competition, and have made it to the semi-finals along with 23 other acts. 12 winners selected from tonight’s competition will make it through to the Final 12 next week.

Continue reading post…

Cafe Cocomo To Remain Open Until At Least November

Posted August 20, 2014 by Takeshi

Cafe Cocomo The Energizer Bunny

UPDATE: The latest word is that Cocomo will be closing after Sunday, September 14th.

Surprise surprise! Cafe Cocomo, one of the Bay Area’s most iconic salsa dancing venues, has just announced that they will not be closing until November (at least).

Cafe Cocomo first announced that they would be closing back in May, when the property was sold to developers to make way for condos. Since then, the closing date has been pushed back multiple times, and now the latest news is that Cocomo will be open until at least November.
Continue reading post…

New Kizomba Events Calendar

Posted August 19, 2014 by Takeshi

Kizomba Dancers

Do you dance Kizomba? Kizomba is a sensual dance from Angola that is gaining in popularity in the Bay Area and around the world. Although not technically a Latin dance, kizomba music is often played at events that play salsa and bachata, and there are a number of festivals in the Bay Area just for kizomba!

Due to the growing popularity of this dance, we have created a new Kizomba Events Calendar where you can find a list of all kizomba lessons and events in the Bay Area! Although it’s not salsa, it’s a great dance to add to your dance repertoire. As always, let us know if we missed any events!

Vote for John & Andrew on America’s Got Talent!

Posted August 5, 2014 by Takeshi

John & Andrew America's Got Talent

UPDATE: John & Andrew did not make it to the semifinals, but they had a great performance (see below). Thanks to everyone who voted!

Voting for this week’s episode of “America’s Got Talent” featuring Bay Area salsa dancers John and Andrew opens up at 7:55pm tonight and continues until 9am on Wednesday. The top 5 contestants with the most votes will move onto the next round.

There are 3 different ways you can vote, and you can vote 10 times using each method, for a total of 30 votes per person. Here’s what you need to know to vote: Continue reading post…

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